The Inverted Tower is crafted to serve a simple purpose - elevation above the ground plane to offer a panorama of the Mediterranean Sea. But with the liberation of ascent comes an inevitable exposure.
The tiered form of the tower dictates and intensifies a journey through this gradient of exposure, from the protective interiority of its base to the open expanse of its summit. Vertical fins on the lower level are angled to protect against the prevailing winds and midday sun, sheltering a bench where beach goers can be screened and out of sight. This introversion is gradually reversed as visitors ascend the tower’s central staircase, with each level offering increased perspective, but with it increased exposure. An independent lifeguard’s station is optimally placed to offer an uninterrupted vista with quick access via an external ladder, and their equipment is stored in the tower’s base. 
So the Inverted Tower dictates a choice - ascend and be rewarded with a panorama of the surrounding landscape, or cool in the shade offered by the tower’s base? As dusk falls the tower is inverted again and lit from within, becoming a lighthouse that attracts crowds rather than warning vessels, and the stage is set for an abundance of activity and performance. ​​​​​​​


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