Another Architecture - a three day exhibition and symposium held in Tbilisi in May 2017 - aimed to test the idea of the Agonistic City project. The design, organisation and curation of this event became a central part of the project, testing it’s political agency on the proposed site by directly engaging with the stakeholders it claims to represent, provoking a series of thoughts and considerations regarding the city.
An exhibition presented a selection of our architectural projects, intentionally unresolved so as to provoke comment and discussion, whilst a series of public talks, events and workshops questioned the role of the architect and reached a wider community. The week culminated in a symposium with a multidisciplinary panel of local actors, curating the discourse central to the proposed organisation. The panel discussion took place directly in front of the abandoned power station hall - a reflection of its possible future.
It was in this event that the idea of the project was realised, to empower a multiplicity of urban actors to debate, negotiate and eventually shape their city. This process, enabled, framed and protected by a political architecture, would allow an agonistic, generative urbanism to evolve.

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